Twilight Time

Twilight Time

32-ct,  4 wall, advanced beginner/ easy Intermediate
Music: Twilight Time, (Fast: Kokomo)
Choreography: Janet Bordeaux

Begin with Right lead
1-8     Walk 2, Side-Together-Forward, Kick-Ball-change, Step, Pivot ¼
1. R foot forward; 2. L foot forward; 3. R foot to right; &.L slides to meet it ; 4. R foot step in front; 5. Kick L foot; &. Take weight on L toe; 6.R foot takes weight; 7. L foot forward; 8. Pivot ¼ (3:00) take wt on Right foot.

1-8     Rocking chair, Chasse' forward, Rock, Recover (¼ back turn)
1. L  toe in front-rock weight; 2. Shift weight back to R; 3. L toe to back-shift weight; 4.Shift weight onto R; 5. L foot forward; &. R slides to meet ; 6. L foot slides forward; 7. R foot in front-rock weight; 8. Back turn: Recover weight to L foot turning ¼ (6:00) Right foot is in the air.

1-8     4-ct vine, Chasse', Rock, Recover ¼ turn to 3:00
1. R foot to right; 2 L cross behind; 3. R foot to right; 4. L cross in front; 5. R foot to right; &. L slide next to R;
6. Weight to R to side and slightly forward(diagonal); 7. L in front, rock weight; 8. Recover to R turning 1/4 toward 3:00.

1-8     Chasse', Step-Pivot (forward) ¼,  Cross-Rock, Recover, Step-together (new wall)
1. L foot forward; &. R slides to L; 2. L slides forward; 3. R foot in front, take weight; 4. Pivot ¼, taking wt onto L (12:00); 5. R crosses in front(Cross-rock); 6. Shift weight back onto  L  (recover); 7. Step to R, turning ¼  to 3:00; 8. Bring L foot next to right, you are now facing 3:00 – new wall.

NOTE: it is possible to replace counts 3-6 with a rocking chair and eliminate the extra rotation in this section. If you do that it becomes:
Chasse' (1&2), Rocking Chair (3,4,5,6), Step-together SHIFT WEIGHT!(7,8).

Cuing Notes:
A & B finish ¼ turn to the right.
C Begins with ¼ turn to the left.
D turns ¼ left and immediately ¼ right to end facing the new wall.

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