All I Do Is.....

All I Do Is….

32-ct, 1 or 4 wall  ultra beginner
Music: All I Do is Dream of You, by Michael Bublé
Choreography: Janet Bordeaux

16-ct lead in:
A.  Start with Right lead
1-8     Rocking Chair; Chassé Side; Rock behind/Rec
1. R foot forward, taking weight; 2. Recover weight onto L; 3. R foot back, taking weight; 4. Step forward onto R.
5. R foot to right; &. L slides to meet it; 6 .R foot to side; 7. L foot cross behind; 8. Recover weight onto R foot

Repeat to Left.

1-8     4 Touch-Step (moving forward)
1. Touch R toe to right; 2. Cross R over L; 3. Touch L toe to left; 4. Cross L foot over Right.
5-8. Repeat 1-4.
1-8     Jazz Box/ turn ¼ (3:00); Kick-Ball-Change, Side-Drag-Tap.
1. Cross R foot over L  2. Step L back ; 3.Turn Right and step to the side on R; 4. Step forward on L.
5. Kick R foot forward; &. Step on R toe next to and lifting left foot; 6. Place left foot down, take weight;
7. Step R foot to side; 8. Drag L next to right and tap it.

1-8     4-ct. Weave/ Cross-Rock/rec; Chassé side
Moving to the Right: 1. Cross L over R; 2. R to side; 3. L cross behind; 4. R to side
5. Cross L over right, take weight; 6. Recover weight onto L foot; 7. Left foot to side; &. Slide R next to L; 8. Left foot to the side.

Repeat moving Left.

1-8     4 step touch: Forward, Back, Forward, Side *Turning to 6:00, then 9:00

1. Step L forward; 2. Touch R toe beside L foot;                    TURN ¼ (6:00)
3. Step R back; 4. Touch L toe beside R foot
5. Step L forward; 6. Touch R toe beside L foot;  TURN ¼ (9:00)
7. Step R to side; 8. Touch L toe beside R foot

1-8     Charleston; Mambo; Coaster
1. Step L foot forward; 2. Kick R foot forward; 3. Step back on R foot; 4. Touch L foot behind.
5. Step forward on L foot; 6. Shift weight back onto R foot; 7. Step Left foot back; &. Step Right next to left; 8. Step forward onto Left foot.

After the 4th wall you are facing the front. Repeat the last 8 count two more times, (reversing lead on 2nd time). Add a slow jazz box (2-cts per step), and throw arms out (9-10) for a big finish!

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