Forever and Ever

2 wall line dance, ultra beginner
Music: "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis
Choreography: Janet Bordeaux

8 count lead-in

A.  Right Lead
1-8         Touch/Step 4 times: RLRL

1. Touch R foot to right; 2. Draw R foot in and shift weight; 3. Touch L  foot to left; 4. Draw L foot in and shift weight; 5-8 Repeat steps 1-4

1-8         Heel/Hook/ chasse' forward 2 times

1. R heel out to side, slightly in front; 2. Hook by bending the knee and bringing R foot up across the left; 3. R foot forward; &. Slide L foot to R; 4. R foot forward. 5-8. Repeat with L foot. (Chasse' step is the same as a cha-cha)

1-8         Walk Back/Tap/Vine (1/4 turn – (3:00)
1-8         Walk Back/Tap/Vine (1/4 turn – (6:00)

1. R foot, step back; 2. L foot Step Back; 3. R foot step back; 4. Tap L next to right starting to turn to 3:00 wall. 5. Facing 3:00 wall, step L foot to the side; 6. Cross R foot behind L; 7. Step L foot to the side; 8. Tap R next to left.
REPEAT 1-8  turning to the 6:00 wall.

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