Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to Happy Dance Line!


I am very happy to have you here! I started this blog as a place to post the choreography/step sheets for the Line Dances I have created. Please allow me to introduce myself and give you a bit of background.

I have always loved to dance, from the time I was a little girl. Somehow dance was always just a bit out of reach. When I was all grown up, and my children were, too, I discovered the world of fitness and aerobic dance. Finally I had a way to bring dance into my life!

I spent the next 14 years creating dance-inspired fitness routines: as high/low aerobics, on a step platform (or two!), even in my Yoga classes. Dance was always there for me.

Now that I have "retired" from the gym scene, I finally had time to take classes for the fun of it. I found a local line dance class and started dancing in earnest. It wasn't long before my brain began to churn with new ideas and songs I wanted to dance to.

Eventually a teacher retired from a class, and I got to take it over. I LOVE teaching!

So here we are. I have just created a Youtube Channel, and will be posting my first videos of my dances in the next few days. They will seem a bit amateur at first, but I will get better at filming and producing. For now, I just hope you find a dance you'd like to do.

Once the videos have been posted, there will be a link here, so check back at the end of September! (2012)