Cryin' Cadillac Tears

32-ct, 1 or 4 wall  ultra beginner
Music: Cadillac Tears, by Kevin Denney
Choreography: Janet Bordeaux

19 beat lead-in:

A.  Start with Right lead
1-4         Side, Together, Side, Touch *
5-8         Side, Together, Side, Touch

1. R foot to right; 2. L slides to meet it; 3. R foot to right; 4.Touch L toe beside R foot
5. L foot to left; 6. R slides to meet it; 7. L foot to left; 8. Touch R toe beside L foot.

1-8         4 step touch: Forward, Forward, Back, Back.

1. R foot to right; 2. Touch L toe beside R foot; 3. L foot to left; 4. Touch R toe beside L foot
Repeat steps 1-4
Style hint: move forward on first two step touches, and back on the second two.

1-4         Walk back 3, hitch 
5-8         Walk forward 3, kick with 1/4 turn**

1-3. Walk back, R, L, R; 4. Left L knee up in front
5-7. Walk forward L,R,L; 8. Kick R foot, pivoting on Left foot to face 9:00

1-4         Grapevine to R, scuff
5-8         Grapevine to L, scuff***

1. R foot to right; 2. Cross L foot behind right; 3. R foot to right; 4. Scuff (brush-kick) L foot.
5. L foot to left; 6. Cross R foot behind left; 7. L foot to left; 8. Scuff (brush-kick) R foot.

At the end of the 12th wall, repeat sections C and D to bring you facing front for a nice finish. 


*--Section A, 1-4 - Move forward on diagonal R, then back on diagonal L.
**--Make it a one wall dance by omitting the turn in the C section
***--Section D, Replace final scuff with a step forward on L foot, making ¼ turn to 6:00 wall.

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